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The Benefits of Automated Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system is a smart way to save time, money, and minimize water waste, as well as provide conveniences you soon won’t want to live without. Whether your yard is large or small, an automated sprinkler or drip configuration will strengthen your grass and garden more efficiently than any other watering system. The benefits of an irrigation system for your landscaping in your home in our region  are numerous, and may make investing in one worth it for you.

Save Time and Money

One of the worst ways to drain money on your landscape is through excessive or deficient watering, which leaves grass wilted, limp, or crisp. Over watering results in an unpleasantly soggy lawn, invites lawn diseases such as root rot and mildew, and causes extra dense blade growth which needs to be frequently mowed. Underwatering yields dry soil and an unattractive, matted texture. An intelligent watering system can easily prevent an unhealthy lawn, costly lawn-saving treatments, and excessive, time-draining mowing. Related: Why Does My Lawn Have Weeds?

Misplacement and poor watering schedules are also money-wasting culprits that promote ugly patches and leave sidewalks and patio spaces damp. By administering a precise amount of water to all the right places, an irrigation system will maximize your yard’s beauty and allow you to actually enjoy your landscape, worry-free. Furthermore, a tailor-made irrigation system more than pays for itself through the amount of money saved, plus the time freed up for you to work on other aspects of your garden.

Increase Your Home’s Value

According to real estate experts, a healthy, vibrant lawn is a major selling point to potential home buyers, and can actually boost the selling price of a home. Utilize the precision and efficiency of an irrigation system for a cost-effective way to maintain an appealing landscape. Moreover, with the time and money a watering system allows you to save, you will be able to put more effort into other beautification projects that will further increase the value of your home.

Minimize Water Waste

Unlike moveable sprinklers and hoses, irrigation systems consistently dispense not a drop more or less of water than is programmed. Automated timers guarantee that precious water is never lost due to irregular or poorly-calculated watering schedules, while correct placement prevents wasteful overspray and runoff. By installing an irrigation system for your landscaping, you will use up to 50 percent less water than with other common methods, minimizing both water waste and your water bill! Related: 4 Water Saving Irrigation Solutions

Appreciate the Added Conveniences

The benefits of an irrigation system extend beyond saving time, money, and water. Control dust, reduce noise, and eliminate harmful chemical runoff into pools, ponds, outdoor spaces, and your municipal water supply with an automated system. Cultivate a thriving vegetable garden using precise watering techniques or maintain a healthy lawn even in drought conditions. Whatever your primary motivation for installing an irrigation system, you are sure to experience a range of advantages that would be lost with conventional watering techniques.

A healthy lawn is vital to any landscape, which is why investing in an irrigation system could be one of the smartest landscaping decisions you can make. Reap the benefits of an irrigation system and never have to pick up a garden hose or sprinkler again!

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